By working with Wolff Power you will be working with people that will listen, understand and go the extra mile to provide the support you need.

Wolff Power has a shared desire and passion to deliver world-class electrical infrastructure solutions across Australia.

Why make us your trusted partner?

There is four key reasons why Wolff Power is the trusted provider to many. We can actually think like our customers, we love problem solving, keeping businesses operating is why we do what we do, and most importantly we make it happen. 

Let us work with you to design, build and maintain your electrical infrastructure so your operations run smoothly. 

Wolff Power has a rich history and is well supported by an innovative Advisory Board that are passionate about the future of energy generation.

Energy sustainability is always front of mind to support net-zero outcomes for yours, and our own networks.

Our non-negotiables

Non-negotiable safety.

Rapid continuous improvement.

Our people come first.

Fearless innovation.

Uncompromising quality.

Dedicated customer service.

We've achieved a lot over the past five years



Wolff Power was established servicing the Darling Downs region.


Wolff Power expanded operations into remote Queensland.


Wolff Power was working across Australia building their repeat clientele base.


Wolff Power positioned themselves as respected HV specialists.


Wolff Power opened our Brisbane office to further support our HV specialists and operations.


Due to continued steady growth, Wolff Power set up a permanent presence in Darwin.

The future of energy sustainability in a net-zero landscape

It’s important to us that we stay ahead of the trends in our industry, especially with new technologies propelling customer-driven control across the globe.

By doing this, we focus on having positive customer outcomes that benefit from networks’ adoptions and use of technology well into the future.

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Have security in our qualifications and accreditations

We are backed by our accreditations and licences and strive to provide a safe work environment for the health, safety and welfare of everyone we interact with.

Wolff Power is registered as a safety endorsed company with Sci-Qual to AS/NZS ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards.

We also hold our Electrical Licences to operate within Queensland and New South Wales.

Queensland Electrical Licence: 82120 | New South Wales Electrical Licence: 343863C 

We’re giving back

Giving back is naturally in the Wolff DNA. We greatly believe in social investment and how we can do more for the communities we work within. We support many local sporting groups and LifeFlight, and we’re sustainable in our approach to collectively have greater benefits on our environment.